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Double A copier paper

  •  No jam in photocopy machine
  •  No double feed, Stay flat after copying
  •  Leave no dust in the copy-machine 
  •  Nice appearance-white and clean
  •  Nice touch-smooth and bulky
  •  Excellent image clarity & contrast
  •  High performance for both side printing/copying
  •  Optimized smoothness on both surface
  •  Uniform toner/ink absorption to provide good print evenness
  •  Guaranteed for trouble-free operation
  •  Premium quality of multipurpose paper with the highest whiteness and brightness
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Double A copier paper

Double A copier paper; No jam in photocopy machine No double feed, Stay flat after copying Leave no dust in the copy-machine Nice appearance-white and clean Nice touch-smooth and bulky Excellent image clarity contrast High performance for both side printing/copying Optimized smoothness on both surface Uniform toner/ink absorption to provide good print evenness Guaranteed for trouble-free operation Premium quality of multipurpose paper with the highest whiteness and brightness

Item copy  paper
Material 100% virgin wood pulp
Size A4, A3, 8.5×11,8.5×14
Base Weight 80gsm, 75gsm, 70gsm
Whiteness 102%-104% 110%
Packing 500 sheets per ream, 5 reams per carton(box)


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